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Air Lockers - Gympie 4x4 Accessories ARB Dealership

Air Lockers - Gympie 4x4 Accessories ARB DealershipARB Air Lockers are now better built and better backed than ever before. With our state-of-the-art two piece design available right across the range, forged gears for the ultimate in strength and durability, and an industry leading five year warranty.

The Requirement:

Many people believe that a 4WD and traction go hand in hand… you can’t have one without the other. However, your vehicle’s standard (or open) differential is designed to allow each wheel to turn independently, thus eliminating binding during turns.

Off road, this becomes a major burden as engine power will take the path of least resistance, which occurs at the wheels with little or no traction. Newer vehicles with limited slip differentials may offer some improvement, but more often you’ll find the slipping is not ‘limited’ enough to maintain [...]

Air Compressors & Tyre Accessories - Gympie 4x4 Accessories ARB Dealership

Air Compressors & Tyre Accessories - Gympie 4x4 Accessories ARB DealershipAn ARB air compressor provides many advantages, regardless of whether you’re 4 wheeling, camping, fishing or hunting. ARB has a range of air compressors suitable for numerous tasks including specific models for Air Locker activation.

Tyres perform best when they’re set at a pressure that’s appropriate for the terrain. While highway use calls for a relatively high pressure rate, lowering your air pressure will dramatically improve your 4×4’s traction in a range of off road environments.

Compressed air allows you the freedom to adjust the tyre inflation level of your vehicle to suit the conditions. An equally beneficial feature is the ability to re-inflate tyres that have been repaired – in gruelling off road conditions, it’s not unusual to get several punctures in one day.

And when coupled with [...]

Dual Battery and Solar Systems - Gympie 4x4 Accessories ARB Dealership

Dual Battery and Solar Systems - Gympie 4x4 Accessories ARB DealershipOld Man Emu 4×4 Suspension. Suspension systems, especially when referring to 4WDs, are extremely complex. Determining the right solution for each 4WD requires special attention to many factors, with weight being the most critical. Old Man Emu 4×4 suspension by ARB approaches this in a unique way.

The Concept:

When an emu (flightless Australian bird) runs, its powerful legs absorb most of the impact, allowing it to move over all types of terrain while its body remains virtually motionless. This is what Old Man Emu strives to achieve with its range of fully integrated 4×4 shocks and suspension systems.

The Difference:

Instead of offering a compilation of parts that have been chosen primarily to increase the vehicle’s ride height, OME 4×4 suspension provides a range of tuned and matched [...]

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